I would like to strongly recommend, Mr. Adrian Lozano, a very knowledgeable and professional real estate investor/property analysis/property consultant. Adrian is a very dedicated individual who works for his clients and follows through on every part that is under his purvey.

Adrian Lozano is a very well spoken man with an incredible portfolio, and is extremely knowledgeable with the regulations and requirements needed to qualify an investor and also counsel them to ensure maximum profit. Adrian works his job to the convenience of the investor(s) and holds hours accordingly to get a client’s applications & contracts entered on time.

I myself have had the opportunity to work with Mr. Lozano on a few properties now and have made more profit than I originally expected with the exeptions of 1 property in which was his original projection. I will continue to use Adrian’s professional services in hopes that he will continue producing the profit margins he does.

Joseph C.
Kasama Homes, LLC.

Adrian it’s always a pleasure doing business with you. You care about the needs and wants of your “clients” and you do what’s best for both parties in the transaction. You’re a man of integrity and it shows clearly in the work you do. Many blessing for 2016!

Ana Machado
Realtor- Coldwell Banker Real Estate