U.S. housing prices up 5% in June from year ago
August 25, 2015
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Investing In the Recovering Real Estate Market

Investing In the Recovering Real Estate Market

Location. Location. Location. We all heard the saying before. For nearly a decade, some of these “locations” cost homeowners their savings account, retirement account, and 401k. More often than not, the homeowners still lost their homes. The banks turned on homeowners. Wall Street turned on investors. Investors turned on each other. Investment opportunities became few and far between. Accredited investors, once willing to take risks, rightfully turned conservative. Smart investing consisted of stuffing cash under a mattress. It was a long seven years; alas, those days are in the past. The real estate market has made a nice, steady climb over the last few years. Florida has seen tremendous growth in the recovering the real estate industry.

Over the last half a decade, the Florida foreclosure rate was astronomical, clogging court dockets and running banks ragged. In turn, real estate investments sky rocketed in this new buyer’s market. Adrian Lozano saw opportunity and jumped into the rehab, “fix and flip” industry two years ago. After learning all of the ins and outs and do’s and don’ts, building a network of vendors, agents, handymen, and specialists, Adrian Lozano formed Premier International Investments. Located in Sarasota, Florida, Premier is dedicated to its accredited investors, always protecting the investment through the selection, auction, purchase, rehab and sale process. Premier uses a tried and true strategy, never deviating, to ensure the most profitable returns. Premier focuses on foreclosure residential real estate in Sarasota, Manatee, Pinellas, and Hillsborough Counties. Adrian Lozano cultivated opportunity for smart investing – rolling a 401k, IRA or retirement money into real estate investment. These investments profit double digit returns for Premier’s business partners. Many of these investors, formerly fans of oil and gas investments or technology investing, recognized the immediate and lucrative opportunities in real estate funding. Sarasota is replete with retired entrepreneurs, and these angel investors have also begun to dabble in real estate investments while the market is hot.

Premier International Investments, by and through its founder, Adrian Lozano, is currently offering real estate investment opportunities to business partners and qualifying accredited investors. For more information about Premier or rehab real estate investing, contact Adrian Lozano at adrian@www.premierinternationalinvestments.com or (941)544-0155 and visit Premier at http://www.premierinternationalinvestments.com/.